Now get free playstation network codes easily by taking simple survey

The Sony play station provides plenty of gaming options to the users; it had introduced many extraordinary live games which can be played in single player and multi player mode. The play station has wonderful plugin, add-on and other services but to avail it people need to purchase play station network card. The card will have codes which can be redeemed in every purchase we make, once we purchase the card the fund will get credited to our play station network wallet. If the fund gets reduced people need to recharge it by contacting nearest retailer or through online.


The play station card was introduced in order to prevent the usage of credit or debit card by user, the play station network card can be accessed in the region where we purchase it and it is suitable for a single user account and it cannot be used in other accounts. The credit or debit cards which we use to purchase the play station network card should be related to North American address. People can get the cards from the official site of Sony play station or by visiting nearest registered retailer of Sony. People who want to get play station cards have to pay money for their purchase in order to avoid it they can choose free playstation network codes.

Simple ways to get free playstation network codes    

The free codes is provided to every user in two main methods  the first method is people can just click the download option present in the website and once they click download the codes will get downloaded automatically after a quick survey. People who are not interested in downloading the codes daily can choose simple option called reward website. when we join in the reward website we can avail exiting prizes and codes easily. The prizes can be chosen by us by selecting the available prizes present in the website. the people who are joining in reward site should provide their registered email id otherwise they will not receive the free codes.

Downloading free playstation network codes

The free playstation network codes can be downloaded in a single click but this process will takes us to conduct free quick survey which may take about five minutes to complete it. once we finish we can able to download the codes but the option will be enabled only if there is available free codes in the website.